Overwhelm Doesn’t Need to Stop You


Overwhelm Doesn’t Need to Stop You


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You can find a sense of deep belonging and joy in truly allowing your soul to inhabit your body. You are not your body, but your body is the sacred vessel through which you experience and create life. You can find home in your body and in this world.

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Hi, I’m Maja

I’m a highly sensitive empath, Light Language codes keeper and awakening pioneer.

I used to be a criminal lawyer at the Prosecutors Office in Slovenia. In 2012 I quit my job and moved abroad following my intuition. It made no sense, but I deeply knew it was the right step to take.

I work through pure presence emanating the harmonic frequency of love as a state of being. I’m here to remind you that your sensitivity is the key for creating the life from your visions & dreams. Learn more…

Members Community & Light Language Energy Transmissions

I am so grateful for being part of Temple. It is a safe space where Maja and all beautiful group members keep high vibrational and supportive energy, a space that inspires me to go deeper, explore different dimensions of being and connect to my own essence as well as with others. It is a community which keeps reminding me, that we are walking together despite of being located all around the world. I love being here. – Šárka

Soothe Your Nervous System and Release Overwhelm

Alignment meditations recorded in 432Hz, with light language source code activations, effortlessly move you into a state of deep relaxation, so that your body can enter an organic process of harmonisation. This happens on cellular level and all you need to do is allow it.

All alignment meditations are co-created with intuitive sound healer and musician Madeleine Besson.

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I downloaded the Physical Harmonisation and it was such a powerful experience in letting go, and coming home, into my body. I am a very active person, I love to move my body, but I am also very sensitive, and it is very helpful for me to move my body for grounding and being rooted in myself. So when I listen to the activation, I cried and all my body was welcoming this beautiful relaxation. I felt I was a connected in deep way, and like I have been longing for this divine connection for a long time. Like coming home to my self. It is a deep healing and a self loving activation. I totally love it!– Kristín, Iceland

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