Activations / Transmissions

Something to remember with activations:

  • trust your feeling and do them when you feel guided to
  • you can repeat them as many times as you feel, as often as you feel guided to do it
  • in the following 24h hydrate more to assist integration
  • after the activation you might experience a purge or a deeper release in the form of tiredness, a cold, some body pain, irritability, feeling emotional or other symptoms that normally don’t last more than a day. Just listen to your body and offer yourself additional rest, if you’re guided to

You can do the activations in any sequence you feel is right for you. I suggest the sequence as follows. If you feel to repeat them, I suggest to do each a couple of times and then move on to the next one. Again, if you feel to do it differently, please follow your feeling.

Embody your feminine essence

Embrace your masculine essence

Sacred union – Inner marriage

Bonus: Soul mission alignment