Alexi Panos: Sense of worthiness & self-acceptance aka Activate your unique gifts

In this conversation we address the one of the main challenges we encounter, when it comes to fully expressing ourselves and our essence in life and business, especially as sensitive entrepreneurs and lightworkers.

This is a conversation I had in Temple membership with Alexi Panos. She is an impact entrepreneur, thought leader, author and speaker. She describes herself as an artist of life, a boss mama to the cutest twins and a toddler (3 under 3). She is on a mission to reinvent “personal development” into what her husband Preston Smiles and her call the EMERGENT WISDOM MOVEMENT–creating a container of transformational work that elicits a remembrance of what we’ve always known…and who we’ve always known we are.

The video below is a short snippet of a deeply activating conversation on how to live and create from your essence. We tapped into many topics, including harmonising our inner feminine and masculine essences, the deeper meaning and purpose of finding your why, getting beyond comparison and start creating from pure presence and our unique essence, living your life from your unified presence, how to overcome resistance to structure + expand your creativity and more!

To listen to the whole conversation join Temple membership. 

You can find Alexi Panos on Instagram and her website Check out her podcast, Unleashed with Alexi Panos, it’s always packed with value, inspiration and simply good vibes!

I’d love to hear about any insights or experiences that unfold when watching the transmission.

Blessings & Love,

p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. We each have a specific and unique process and it’s ok.