The path of remembering and embodying your essence is unique to you

That’s why I don’t believe in a single template, practice or strategy that works for everyone.

I believe in freedom to express and explore who you are – in the core of your being, in your wholeness and your full resonance – beyond what might be expected of you and beyond how others think life should be lived. I also believe that a solid base and flexible structure allow you to move forward with deeper confidence and clearer direction.

This is the foundation of discovering your unique blueprint.

Non-linear convergence of creation

Feminine and Masculine. Spirit and Matter.

Each of us carries those aspects within.


Feminine is the beginning of creation in the formless realm. She is pure and unlimited potential. Her most natural state is being. She feels and that’s how she knows. Softness is one of her biggest strengths. She moves in cycles, often unpredictably, seemingly without direction, following her natural flow. She creates in her highest capacity when she feels safe.

Masculine activates potential into form. He is the protector and safe-keeper. He is focus, direction and structure. Clarity. Solid foundation. His most natural state is action and doing. He understands and that’s how he knows. He creates in his highest capacity when held in love, acceptance and trust.

When both aspects within us harmonise and merge, we create in our highest capacity.

We are the union of everything that we are. Our feminine and masculine aspects, our past, present and future experiences, our higher and our human self, Spirit and matter, the wisdom and the wounds passed on to us through our lineage, our guides, our galactic, elemental and other aspects. We are all of that. Rejecting, fearing or not trusting any of those aspects, creates inner separation, a short-circuit that ‘switches off’ the union of who we are.

I see healing as inner harmonising, a process of embracing, remembering and exploring the deepest truth of who we are.

There is nothing wrong with us that needs fixing. So the first step to harmonising is our willingness to see ourselves as we are right now, including the parts we don’t like.

As we embrace all parts of us through working with our inner feminine and masculine, what we used to see as our deepest wounds is alchemised into our most powerful tools. A deeper layer of trust between our inner aspects is restored and the journey of our inner union is activated.

That union is the gateway for our highest potential of expression to be embodied.


Every creation begins in the ethers, in the realm of Spirit, unseen and formless. In that dimension it is limitless, pure potential and of highest resonance. We get to feel it in its fullness, when it is still a bundle of energy, an idea.

Through us, the merging of our inner feminine and masculine aspects, the being and the doing, that potential can be birthed into form. We are the ones who can choose to deliver it from the womb of the cosmic mother, into the dense world of matter.

In order for that creation to be of highest integrity, service and resonance here, in the physical realm, the connection to Spirit needs to be kept. Through that Union of Spirit and matter our highest creation, the Golden Child, can come into form in its full potential.

This kind of creation is of service to all humankind, all living beings, Earth and to ourselves. It vibrates in the frequency of love, unity and wholeness. It is sourced from a space of abundance and expansion. It is completely anchored in the here and now.



It is a convergence of the approaches I use in my work and my personal life. I created it simply because I never found a system or a teaching that would allow me to embrace myself as I am, expand from there and explore ways of being and doing that work for me and with me.

The map is not a fool-proof or fixed concept. It’s not a formula for ‘success’. It is a living multidimensional tool that starts where you are and expands with you from there. It only moves when you are willing to move, it doesn’t force, but it does kick your butt every now and then.

What I love about it is that it embraces all parts of you. It works with your higher and multidimensional aspects through frequency, code activation and Light Language, AND it embraces your human aspect, making sure that the energetic work gets integrated and anchored in the here and now.


I believe our purpose in this life is to be ourselves, to remember our wholeness and express our truth from that space. Through our way of being, as well as through what we are creating.

Explore Your Blueprint in the Way that Fits You:


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