Business and branding for the spiritual entrepreneur with Melissa Miller

In this conversation we address a common struggle of spiritual entrepreneurs: how do I define what I do, how do I put it in words, if it keeps constantly changing?

This is a conversation I had in Temple membership with Melissa Miller,  a personal brand & business designer. Blending spirituality, psychology, conscious creation and artistic self-expression, she helps people develop authentic personal brands and energetically-aligned businesses so they can share who they are, what they love, and the wisdom they’ve gained through personal experience—in the most natural way. After years of working with spiritual creatives + studying why “business as usual” so often drains the soul, she’s found that the key to the most fulfilling, sustainable, profitable and valuable contribution we can make is to be uniquely ourselves and create in a way that’s true to us.

The video below is a short snippet of a massively inspiring conversation on how to approach creating your brand, especially if you consider yourself a spiritual entrepreneur! At the end of the complete conversation (50 min) Melissa also shares very practical tips! We tapped into new way of seeing branding – as a process that starts from inside out and reflects the authentic expression of who you are and what you do, your soul work, in any given moment.

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BTW! With Melissa we are working on creating something amazing that will support spiritual entrepreneurs, sensitives and intuitives through the whole process of creating their aligned business! It’s so exciting! If you want to stay informed, you can sign up for my updates below.

I’d love to hear about any insights or experiences that unfold when watching the transmission.

Blessings & Love,

p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. We each have a specific and unique process and it’s ok.