Electromagnetic field stabilisation transmission

This is a gentle light-codes transmission to stabilise our personal electromagnetic field and calibrate it to the influxes we are receiving, so that they can be integrated more smoothly.

My feeling is that we’re in the midst of a MEGA upgrade of our perception of SOVEREIGNTY – which will allow TRUE remembrance of it to resurface. Lots of purging and discomfort might be experience during this upgrade. I don’t wish to explain too much as it is not necessary to understand everything. When we allow the transmission & energy to be received in an open flow, everything will go faster – including INTEGRATION.

For more activating meditations with powerful sound healing please check the Golden Dome.

I’d love to hear about any insights or experiences that unfold when watching the transmission.

Blessings & Love,

p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. We each have a specific and unique process and it’s ok.