Embodied New Earth Woman


Tap into Empowered and Harmonious Feminine Presence

Welcome Sister!

I’m honored to meet you in this sacred online space and I invite you to place your palm on your heart, take a slow deep breath, release it… and softly smile.

We are about to commence a 7-day journey into the magic, wisdom and gentle power of the embodied new earth woman.

She is not some mystical creature or a model in floaty goddess-like dresses that you see allover social media. She is real, she is raw, vulnerable, gentle and strong. And that’s her beauty. She is connected to her heart and the sovereign of her space. That’s her power.

She is you and she is me, when we allow ourselves to be truly seen by ourselves and others.

7 days of Empowered and Harmonious Feminine Presence


Activator, source codes keeper and mentor. I facilitate the unlocking of dormant codes held within one’s DNA, unleashing a deeper layer of their highest embodiment potential. Light language, light codes, awareness and anchoring in love as a state of being, are my main modalities. I naturally work through presence, voice and words, feeling and reading individual, collective and cosmic frequency. I explore, practice & teach harmonising one’s inner feminine and masculine aspects, so that we can open the gateway to our highest creative potential individually and collectively.

I’ll be your guide through this journey. Let’s walk side by side. Get to know me here.

The Transmissions







DAY 4 – PT. 1


DAY 4 – PT. 2










Our Journey

Day 1: Feminine Lineage of the Codes of Light


Kaja Graj is an intuitive artist, Source Connector, and Keeper of the Codes of Light, also known as Kaya Kailani. She’s a seer working with the language of light and activating dormant light codes within others through her presence. She’s channeling and translating high vibrational frequencies into illustrated symbols, key codes, and tattoo design activations.

She’s always been a sensitive, soul rebel on the mission of remembering her truth ever since she was a child. In her thirsty search, she discovered that she’s most easily connecting to Spirit through her creative expression in various forms.

She studied visual communications at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in her homeland Slovenia. She soon realized that working as a graphic designer limits her creativity, so she followed her heart and combined her love for colors, drawing, and design and founded her own brand Manitas, based on her family’s tradition and business of making handmade leather goods. In 2004, she opened an art studio and store to design high-quality footwear, handbags, and other accessories. Her passion for shoes lead her to build a successful brand that became well known for its colorful style, and each piece was decorated with a unique abstract hand-painted design.

She was always in an elevated state while drawing the symbols in her designs, but little did she know back then that these were actually light codes pouring through her. It was natural to her. The ones attracted to her work kept saying they feel potent energy beaming in her art space and creations.

Meanwhile, she moved to her dream location by the seaside, traveled to sacred sites in Europe, Peru, and Bali, started consciously working with her spirit team and spent more time supporting others on the awakening journey. After 12 years in her business, it was time to leap into the unknown.

She embarked on a new life adventure, stayed in Bali, traveled more, joined her close soul sister Maja at Irresistible Tribe, supported women in awakening and embodying true feminine essence and remembering divine union, settled in Uluwatu, Bali, and started bringing through personalised Source Codes as a sacred tool for the ones on the ascension path.

••⧏||Kailani||⧐••Source Light Codes••

Instagram •⫷ Kailani ⫸•

Instagram •⫷ Kaya ⫸•

In our conversation we tap into a powerful transmission of lightcodes. We also shared on what’s unfolding now for the feminine and masculine, as well as planetary and collectively. Tune in with us beyond words, connecting to the part of you that knows.

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Day 2: Woman as Healer and Teacher


Evelyn is an energy intuitive, a spiritual teacher, and a healer. She is a certified Viniyoga therapist and teacher and deeply steeped in the ancient texts and understandings of Yoga as an energetic science and a path towards healing and liberation. Evelyn blends the ancient wisdom of Yoga and traditional healing with astrology, the tarot, and her multidimensional receptivity.

She has developed a downloadable chakra course (and app!) that connects energetic and yoga therapeutic chakra practices with multidimensional healing meditations and coaching. She is a leader and way-shower in her field and helps to re-establish more feminine and less rigid ways of teaching and healing.

Together with her husband and divine counterpart Shane Froio, she has founded a school for ancient teachings, www.methuselahschool.com
To sign up for her root chakra healing intensive starting April 19th you can apply here.

In our conversation we dive into the topic of woman as new paradigm healer and teacher. She shares her message in sovereignty and with highest devotion to service, while taking loving care of herself on all levels and being very clear on her boundaries. We also tap into guilt surrounding the embodiment of ‘intense’ feminine energy, as well as charging for your work. Evelyn also guides us through a beautiful practice to experience your own embodiment.

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Day 3: How not to give up on Our Sensitivity in the World We Live in


Catherine is a holistic practitioner, specialising in supporting people who are going through a Spiritual Awakening. Her motto is integrated and embodied awakening. Following a career in marketing & advertising and becoming a mother of two, she went through a major awakening herself, which led her to study psychotherapy, spiritual counselling and apprenticing with mystical masters all over the world.

Catherine offers a practical and grounded approach to spirituality. She wants to help people experience daily life as sacred. Because it is.

Catherine’s book: “You are Loved : Essential Spirit Guides”
Web: akasha-awakening.com
IG: @akasha_awakening

In our conversation we will tap into an essential subject for all sensitives – how to get to know and embrace your sensitivity. How to nourish and hold yourself in your uniqueness, so that you can enjoy your highest state of wellbeing and offer your highest (joyous) service to the world… especially in the challenging times we’re currently collectively experiencing. Your sensitivity is a gift.

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Day 4: Free Your Voice


Madeleine is an intuitive sound healer. She channels light codes from Source, the angelic realms, the galactics, her team of light and any being of light that wishes to activate high frequency light codes within you. She works with sound, to create activations, transmissions and meditations that are channeled through the sound of her voice, light language and instruments, using binaural beats and 432hz tuning. Through sound, your DNA is activated on a cellular level, your energy bodies and chakras are recalibrated, and it helps heal or adjust your frequency. Madeleine Besson also writes songs, has released three albums, is an actor and painter, wrote original scores for movies, and creates light coded aromatherapy elixirs.

Main @madeleinebesson
Art @madeleinebessonart
Aromatherapy oils LUMËS @lumescreation

Personal sound healing transmissions service www.madeleinebesson.com/healing

Meditations www.madeleinebesson.com/meditations

Youtube channel Madeleine Besson


In our conversation we dive into the healing power of sound, the significance of your voice and the message you share through it – not only through words, but even more importantly, through frequency and lightcodes. We will share how freeing your voice is connected to your womb, your diaphragm and your heart and the gentle power that is activated once this connection is reawakened within you.

Day 4: Personal Evolution in a Changing World


Anneke lives with her daughter and two cats in Amsterdam. She’s a Svastha Yoga Teacher,- therapist and educator, leading the Svastha 200h program for doctors and other medical professionals and offers the Svastha yoga therapy modules on mental health in The Netherlands.

She’s a registered Nurse (RN) who works in psychiatry since 1998, one of the first accredited yoga therapists in The Netherlands (C-IAYT) and founder of Network Yoga Therapy. Her expertise can be found in yoga for mental health and especially trauma, psychosis and anything that is complex. She loves to support her clients unravelling their lives in a compassionate and trauma informed way using the tools of yoga. As a bridge builder in the field of Yoga Therapy for mental health she meets many others and observes the benefits of diversity first hand. She is a student of A.G. Mohan, his wife Indra Mohan from Chennai who were both direct students of Krishnamacharya.

She just launched Terrapy – Earth Care & Nutrition, an online course that focuses on nourishing self-healing, minimising dependency, and increasing self-leadership. You can also find her at networkyogatherapy.com.

In our conversation we dive into taking aligned and empowered action that feels good for you and also creates the change in the world we’ve all been so very much yearning for.

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Day 5: Leadership of New Earth – and what Your Sensitivity has got to do with it


Tina’s background is in classic humanities. She studied European and Eastern philosophy, psychology and holds an awarded master’s degree in art history. She has lived and worked in the field of art all over Europe and abroad.

A turning point in her life was a spontaneous awakening in her twenties which marks the beginning of journey of deep self-inquiry. Followed by the death of three of her closest people in life within only 18 months and a catalogue of intense life changes, it was the
initiation for a whole new way of being that opened her up to a powerful intuitive connection and a clairsentience that in the previous years had lain dormant.  In the years to come, she travelled the world from Asia to South America to study and work in person with the traditional masters and some worldwide renowned teachers. She delved in various ancient healing methods, teachings and yoga to ultimately become a teacher herself.

Today she’s a leading intuitive coach – as such one of the first in German speaking countries, mentor and author in loving service of that which is empty as the source of everything. Her writings on non-duality, high-sensitivity, the power of intuition and energy as matter, direction, life and art became wildly popular in the past years and gather about 10.000 readers monthly.

She is the founder of the Sensitive Leadership Program, a unique group and one-to-one training in high frequency, manifestation, clear vibration, oneness creation, money flow training, self-empowerment and energy management. SL is especially designed for highly sensitive, empathic people and for those who are going through a process of awakening, to be sovereign and strong in these unprecedented times of great change in the world.

Learn more about the Sensitive Leadership program.

Tina’s website: tinaguthknecht.com

In our conversation we dive into New Earth leadership, its powerful connection to sensitivity and why the old ways of ‘leading’ simply don’t work anymore, as we collectively embody a higher state of consciousness.

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Day 6: Digital Wellbeing, Embodiment and how to Keep Your Balance in the Online World


Katie is a social media consultant, digital wellbeing coach and author of the award winning Social Media For A New Age books. After a decade supporting authors and experts in spirituality and wellbeing to manage and grow their social media platforms, Katie is now trained to help meet concerns around the relationship we have with social networks, digital devices & online communication.

Find Katie at socialmediaforanewage.com.
Her latest book Social Media For A New Age 2. A Digital Self-Care Guide. The next phase: 2020 and beyond is available here.

In our conversation we tap into embodiment and the digital world. Especially in the last year, so much of our communication has moved online and a deeper disembodied aspect of digital use arose. So, how do we come back to embodiment through conscious use of social media and practice of boundaries? We touch upon spiritual aspects of the topic, as well as physical, psychological and neurological ones. Katie guides us through a simple practice where we tap into the energetics of online spaces and see more clearly how we feel about them.

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Day 7: Soul Aligned Business that Feels Good


Melissa is a personal brand & business-development guide and co-creator. She helps people develop authentic personal brands and organic businesses so they can share their unique contribution to the world – in the most natural way. She’s worked closely with spiritual creatives for over 10 years. In that time, she’s discovered that the key to offering our greatest gift is to allow every aspect of our business experience to be a gift to us, too.

Melissa has spent the past 5 years extensively exploring the interconnectedness of self and Life, how energy flows (and doesn’t flow) in our creative processes, and how dharma and karma work intimately together to facilitate our highest good and deepest contribution. Her passion is helping people trust themselves and honor themselves so they can experience the beauty and profundity of doing business in a way that’s genuinely aligned with their nature.

Contact Melissa here: melissa@sacredbrand.co

In our conversation we dive into new paradigm business: creating a soul aligned business that reflects your deepest truth, feels good and supportive in all areas of your life and contributes to creating a more harmonious world for all.

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COMPLETION: Co-creating with the Masculine

Women are now being massively called to bring forth feminine collective consciousness, so that the next phase of New Earth co-creation can begin: bringing the vision into form. That’s why we devote seven days to feminine codes activation and remembrance of our deepest innate wisdom. An embodied woman will naturally gravitate towards harmonious co-creation with the masculine and that is the only way New Earth can manifest.

“Men have carried the keys that open the codes of light, contributing the action component of the program… These genetic keys lay dormant in the blood of so many men who are completely unconscious of the gift they carry. Do you see what is happening?… We are poised on the brink of planetary ascension. Everything is in place for us. All we have to do is wake up and remember who we are.”

– The Lineage of the Codes of Light


Thank you for joining us on this sacred journey!

If you wish to dive in deeper with me, you can find my work at majametlicar.com

You are also warmly invited to feel into Temple membership and the Golden dome light language sound healing meditations.



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