Your heart knows, you feel it.

If you were getting goosebumps or any other physical reactions from your body while reading the page that’s your body signalling a ‘yes’ to you. Same if you felt moved or felt an unexpected sense of recognition.. or simply knowing that you ‘need to be there – even if it doesn’t make sense’.

That’s your being speaking to you and showing you the way. trust it, Sister.

So often, when we feel the opportunity for a major transformation / breakthrough / quantum leap in front of us, the part of us that wants to stay in our old, comfortable (and small) ways will create all kinds of reasons aka excuses why we shouldn’t do it.

All of that inner ‘negotiation’ goes on between the part pf you that doesn’t want to expand and the soul, that clearly knows it’s your highest path.

Ultimately only you have the answer. Trust yourself.