We will meet for 7 weekly group calls and each call will last 75-90 min. So I advise to set aside 90 min to be sure you’re not in rush.

I would invite you to look at it from a different perspective: do you feel the call to join this journey?

If the answer is yes, that’s it, it will work out perfectly one way or another.

So often, when we feel the opportunity for a major transformation / breakthrough / quantum leap, the part of us that wants to stay in the old will create all kinds of reasons aka excuses why we shouldn’t do it… when the soul clearly know that’s your highest path. You already know. Trust that.

Besides, you will have unlimited access to all the pre-recorded transmissions and practices, so you can always do them later, if you don’t have space for it during our 7 weeks together.

AND there’s the bonus check-in call in December, so there’s some more time before we meet for our final completion.