Soothe Your Nervous System. Release Overwhelm. Recalibrate Your Energy

Light-codes healing meditations recorded in 432Hz with light language source code activations and sound healing, effortlessly move you into a state of deep relaxation, so that your body can enter an organic process of harmonisation.

This happens on cellular level and all you need to do is allow it.

All meditations are co-created with intuitive sound healer and musician Madeleine Besson.


With this meditation you step into the next level of your quantum creator path.

Access your quantum open channel of life and activate key codes for you to enhance & solidify your remembrance of your quantum creator essence.

The meditation actively involves the physical body, so listening to it on a regular basis will re-train your body and recalibrate your cellular memory to match the frequency of what you wish your life to be.

©2022 Maja Metlicar & Madeleine Besson
Your meditations and transmissions are something I cannot even describe appropriately. With them I get to relax and still make enormous progress, even though I have a feeling I’m not really doing anything special. They prepare me to such a degree that I just have to make one more step and I’m at a whole new level.

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Feminine Reclamation (Your True Feminine Power)

Free Your Voice

Heart Opening Gentle Activation


Regeneration & Replenishment (Cellular Regeneration)

Deep Peace (Release Overwhelm)

Nourishing Dreamtime Sleep (Lemurian Encoded Sphere)


Legacy of Light Reconnection (Ancestors)

New Earth Visionary Activation

Return to Wholeness (Inner Union Activation)


Soul Embodiment Activation

Physical Body Harmonisation

What people say about quantum healing meditations:

These activations are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for all the support, courage, love and for sharing and spreading all this among us! I absolutely adore them. They take me to a state where I feel one with all that is, expand and melt. They strengthen my inner power and expand my awareness. I feel like I’m coming home.
Maja’s gentle voice caresses my soul and heals my being. Activations awaken my ancient memory, awaken that part of me that has been unconscious, asleep, locked for centuries.
I’ve been listening to them for 4 months, usually for several days, continuously each day, then I take a few days off. The break is mainly because I have a feeling that the energies are integrating and that my body is balancing. Sometimes I also have a physical response such as dizziness, headache, fatigue… and then I need a break.
I am infinitely grateful for this experience and look forward to each new activation.
Wherever I’ve been in my growing process, Maja’s activations become my natural medicine. Opening my thoughts in places I haven’t visited in awhile. (Re)remembering my unprogrammed thoughts. It becomes a state of love, holding me as a mother would her child, letting me meditate in a safe and rhythmically healing state of being. Some activations will sit, then later become processed when the codes need to be applied. Other times, I’ve continued the flow of the activation straight into my daily life. Which is so comforting and gentle.
Every activation, as well as ones I’ve repeatedly listened to, I gain a whole new code system. While also allowing me to feel comfortable with the process- instead of feeling like it’s timed; releasing the daily stress of the fast-paced world. I can breathe easier. Maja lights up a whole new world for me while holding a special light grid of souls I’ve been connected to through the Temple membership. Truly life changing- more than I’ve ever imagined. All from the form of love.
I love the activations of Maja, they are just amazing. My heart expands every time I listen to them, I am fully present and loving after the activations. I feel like I renew my cell memory with each activation. Sometimes they bring up memories from my previous lives, which are just a remembrance of what I am, what I was, and what is my next step. Thank you Maja.
Brigita Langerholc
My Intuition lead my again over to Maja for the Voice activation and expression. Without a thought I knew it was something for me to take in! I am a Teacher in an Elementary School. I teach Physical Education, swimming in a outside pool, and gymnastic inside! So my Voice is my working tool. After this winter my throat, my vocal cord where very tired, I felt acing pain.
The recording was beautiful in every way. It helped my get in touch with the emotion of the tiredness and the motion in that area. I could not let a sound out, as the recording suggests, I just could open my mouth without a sound coming out!! But that was my healing, making space for rest and listening in. I highly recommend to sit in the beautiful unconditional energy, for everything that needs to have a loving attention. Witnessing your own healing, being activated and supported so beautifully by Maja’s voice activations.
Kristín, Iceland
I find Maja’s activations with the Light Language incredibly effective. It’s wonderful to simply listen to something and feel immediately supported and transformed in the same moment. What I really love is that the activations are very gentle, don’t take long to listen to and somehow the light language gets the healing immediately embedded into my Being. I feel hugely grateful to have these activations in my life and as someone who enjoys singing, I am shocked at how quickly the free your voice activation has changed my voice for the better. It’s also helped me to express more completely from my Truth.
Indy M.
In this activation I was guided into my heart, where I found an inner temple. Maja’s voice led me to realize this space that is within me, that was my home. In an instant my previous anxiety and concern about my life falls away in this realisation of my inner stability. Just as I felt the emotions well up in gratitude and remembrance of this place, she reminds me to breath deeply, anchoring the experience even deeper.
Ultimately she brings me to stand strongly but gently in my sovereignty. Every activation or meditation I receive from Maja takes me deeper to my sacredness, releases more of what I want to let go of, and helps me to stand stronger in presence. I rejoice that Maja shares her gift, it is a treasure to me.
Julia Kellog
Maja’s activations have been part of my life for quite a while, assisting me with deeper remembrance and connection with my essence and providing gentle support on the path I am walking. Madeleine’s contribution, the healing sounds, are making each activation a real multidimensional treasure. Through the activations I feel also as part of a like-hearted community, diving deeper into the themes which are always resonating, together.
I love your voice, your accent and the way you pronounce certain words. It is a very pleasurable experience for me to listen to your activations. It brings me feelings of peace, calm, love and safety. I love the light language you use and I feel it resonates strongly within. No matter how crazy my mind thinks this is!
The divine feminine/masculine and trinity activations have been the most powerful for me because I felt the shift right after. It’s also one of the area where I have done the most work so it felt as if the activation was immediate because I had the prepared ground for it to be powerful. My coffee even showed a trinity sign right after! It was so good to see with my own eyes the confirmation of what I have felt inside. I’m continuing to listen to that activation regularly because it gives me so much contentment and peace. Thank you Maja, I’m so grateful for your work and your strong yet gentle presence through your voice🙏🏻❤️
Emmanuelle Dayes
I enjoy the activations that Maja presents. What I like about them they’re always current to the times of what we need at this moment, as I listen to a lot of videos on personal growth she is connected to what source wants to instill within us. I enjoy growing with current themes and am grateful. The last one on union and I found that I was using that word more.
Claudia Selk

About Maja and Madeleine

I have always felt the gift of voice within me, but didn’t really dare tapping into it for most of my life. People have told me for so long, that my voice instantly calms them and at one point I began recording activating transmissions with language of light. I knew back then that my voice carries Source codes and code activations, it transmits a frequency that speaks to the very essence of one’s being.

When I started taking voice lessons from Madeleine, the remembrance of me in times of Lemuria, singing as a way of harmonising the people, when in distress, clearly arose. It was so deep and I was in tears when I truly allowed it to land. I then understood why I’ve been so drawn to singing my whole life. And also why, when bullied by a primary school teacher, my voice closed up, and I decided not to sing in front of anyone. It literally lasted decades.

Now my voice wants to be free again. It wants to transmit what it’s meant to transmit – freedom, golden light and sacred union codes.

This is what the meditations co-created with Madeleine are ancient sacred tools to assist you on your path of deepest remembrance.

Madeleine Besson is an intuitive Sound Healer working with light language and high vibrational frequencies. She channels from Source, the Angelic realms, The Galactics, her team of light and any beings of light that wish to usher high frequencies for humanity. She uses hypnosis techniques as well as binaural beats and different tunings that are aligned with the highest frequencies to become meditations and transmissions.

She is also a vocalist, musician, songwriter, composer and actor. Brought up in an artistic family, theater and film, she travelled all over the world, music, theater and cinema always being the true constant. She studied jazz violin and composition in Paris (CMDL/Bill Evans Academy) acting in London and Paris (Shakespeare LAMDA/Cours Florent) and Soul, jazz, gospel, blues, pop in New York (New School for jazz and contemporary Music), while recording demos and playing in various venues with her bands and performing in movies and theater productions.

She composed original music for theater productions and movies between 2004 and 2013. She released her first album “Blossom” in 2014, opened for Cindy Lauper at the Olympia Paris France, and toured all over Europe in festivals and venues with her original music. She then moved to Nashville, TN where she recorded “Journey Home” and “In The River”. She performed with her music all over Nashville, in Tennessee and Georgia. Find her at

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