I think financial awakening is part of the spiritual awakening process

Ok, hear me out. I’ve always been asking myself why does poverty and hunger exist on Earth since there’s so many resources and so many people with tons of money. How is it possible that so many, including children(!), don’t even have their basic needs met? And – considering we have so many international organisations working to solve this – how come it is still an issue?

February 5, 2021

Then, why are there so many people in debt, pretty much working all their life to stay afloat? There seems to be an abundance of money circulating – yet, it’s not the people’s wellbeing that’s supported with it… Banks, hedge funds, billionaires, celebrities are the ones enhancing their portfolios, holding insane amounts for themselves.

And then there are so many courses and workshops on mastering your money mindset – manifest everything you want instantly etc… reinforcing the message that you need to put work in to fix the ‘problem’ of your money mindset and you can manipulate the Universe into having what you want, BUT of course it’s greedy and unspiritual to have ‘more than you need’… making abundance an issue we need to work on.

So here’s why I think *financial awakening* is part of the *spiritual awakening* process:

(1) Money is connected to our basic needs – food, shelter and FEELING SAFE – in the here and now. In the ethers you don’t ‘need’ money, in the world of humans, it is currently what feeds you and your family. I believe that *embracing* money as a part of the NOW moment, is part of embracing embodiment and ultimate awakening.

(2) When people feel safe, they create freely – beyond the boundaries of what already exists, what makes sense and what is considered by some to be possible. They birth their creations directly from SPIRIT and they bring them into form in cooperation with SOURCE. Those are creations of highest resonance that serve everyone – their essence is that of assisting the collective on their journey of wellbeing.

(3) If you’re worried about putting food on the table, you don’t feel safe or free,

because you’re thinking about survival, not about bringing your highest visions to life.

(4) Our current financial system is a system of enslavement – endless taxes on top of taxes, banks that move around fictional money, charging you big feels for borrowing it, hedge funds playing on the stock market destroying small businesses and people on the way (2008 economic crash), while the federal reserve and central banks print money and bail out – yep, hedge funds and big executives, while people lose their pensions and houses, and of course your savings drop in value as more and more money is printed.

Big corporations destroying our soil and our produce, driving small farmers out of business… making sure that the food is produced as fast as possible, who cares if it has no nutritional value and it destroys your immune system because of all the chemicals in it… It’s cheaper, so it’s good. And don’t worry, there’s the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry ready to step in and ‘fix’ you. This is just a small part of it.

There’s one essential player in all of those games – MONEY. And, my friends, this player is heavily embedded with the energy of fear, because of how it has been used and related to… Of course, we can alchemise and transmute some of that energy, but I feel money *as we know it* is part of the old paradigm…

So what happens when:

💥 we educate ourselves on money, stop rejecting it and take a look at HOW it actually works and circulates
💥 we remember that money is not what makes the world go around – LOVE is
💥 we (truly) remember that money is not the saviour, but it’s also not the enemy… it’s a TOOL that can support our highest wellbeing and so many marvellous high-vibe creations – it can be your teammate and co-creator of amazing projects
💥 we remember that we are SOVEREIGN creators, we CAN CHOOSE to create a NEW paradigm, also when it comes to money and finances

I feel bringing awareness on that part of the story of humankind would make an epic massive shift in the collective awakening process.

And with the recent events at the stock market (GameStop and WallStreetBets) – everyday people showed that it is possible to stand up to big hedge funds an d change the script that’s been playing for too long already.

Freedom will ultimately be embodied right here and now, the energetic weaving in the ethers are SEEDS, we’re the ones that need to take steps to nurture those seeds into FRUITS.

Gosh, thank you for reading so far! I didn’t plan to write that much😅🤍🌎 Would love to hear your thoughts on it!


p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Not everyone is here yet and it’s perfectly ok, we each have a specific and unique role in this process.