I used to hide behind my sensitivity. And then I chose to do something different…

As collective beliefs about what’s true are massively collapsing, I’ve been looking at potential illusions of the spiritual matrix.

October 1, 2021

Sensitives, empaths and introverts, have been told for years things like you are not your body, the material world is an illusion, trust the universe will take care of you, just hold the frequency of your highest timeline. We’ve been encouraged to exit the matrix, reject money, surrender and let it be.

I’m not saying all of that isn’t true… BUT… something is missing, in my opinion. ACTION.

I’ve noticed in the past years how this narrative made it very easy for me to justify to myself why I wouldn’t take certain uncomfortable steps. When it got too challenging, I’d decide to ‘wait for the right time’. Which never came btw. When I knew that in large groups the energy would be so overwhelming that I’d probably cry in front of everyone or tremble, because the influxes were so powerful – I’d choose to stay home. Saying to myself that it doesn’t feel right to go out. When the overwhelm was too big, I’d take refuge in higher dimensions, because that’s where I feel safe. The body can wait, it’s not who I am, right?

Years back, when I started sharing intuitive insights, and I’d feel self-conscious about it, fearing I’ll be rejected and laughed at – I’d say that the message was channeled from my guides. In a way relieving myself of the responsibility of what was channeled (though I 100% felt it as pure and genuine, I just didn’t dare taking responsibility for what I was saying).

Again, I’m not saying it’s always the right time and we always have to put ourselves out there – BUT what if we are the ones who can choose that this IS the right time. What if we explored what happens when we go out of our comfort zone even if this ‘inner voice’ is saying stay home, it’s safer. What if there’s no guides, it’s all us.


It happened to me last week. I embraced holding the equinox ceremony with the support of two soul sisters, showing up fully, even if I didn’t know how it will go. It was glorious and many people joined. I went on an adventure with a soul sister and magic just continued happening beyond what we could imagine. You know what was the ACTIVATION KEY? I took action, put myself out there amongst people, I chose to ENGAGE with life in this physical dimension. And I felt my LIGHT shine stronger than ever. And BE SEEN by many more than before.

What a time to be alive!


p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Not everyone is here yet and it’s perfectly ok, we each have a specific and unique role in this process.