Redefining leadership

We’ve been collectively mislead into – often unconsciously – believing that a leader is someone who has many certifications, who has had ‘good’ jobs, someone with many ‘followers’, with good reviews, with famous friends and backers, with a good-looking or somewhat exceptional life… and hey, I’m not saying that if you are any of the above, you’re not a leader…. Just think about it for a moment.

November 13, 2020

We were led to believe that you and me can’t really be leaders, because we’re normal everyday people… not famous, we don’t have a big ‘reach’, we’re perhaps scared to speak on a stage or in front of a bigger group, perhaps thinking ‘what can I offer that someone else is not offering already’ or ‘I’m just not that special or interesting’…

Here’s what I believe: when you’re walking a new path – outside the lines that were mapped by somebody else, without agenda, with integrity, following a call that often doesn’t make sense to the mind, but you so so deeply feel it in your heart – you ARE a leader. Even if you don’t notice, you are inspiring someone who did notice you. And it’s not that you do it for that reason – to inspire anyone – you do it, because you simply have to… there’s no other way, it’s calling you so strongly, that you’re willing to ‘fail’ on the way.

That’s what creates the resonance. Your surrender to the path, to the calling of your ESSENCE. The same thing that scares the heck out of you is also your biggest fuel and activator. TRUST that call. Now more than ever.

And also, trust me on this: somebody ALWAYS notices and is grateful for you leading by example💛Big gratitude to all the amazing leaders in my life that inspire me every day! Keep being YOU💛

Btw, this post is light-encoded


p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Not everyone is here yet and it’s perfectly ok, we each have a specific and unique role in this process.