The Sensitive’s Manifesto

1. Your sensitivity is a blessing

You have a unique combination of natural gifts, a unique energy imprint, and a subtle ability to tap into the energetic field of the collective. You sense life’s movements before they are visible to the eye. You are not here by chance. You are here with a purpose.

2. You were born a creator

You have an innate capacity to create the life you’ve been seeing in your visions and dreams. They are nudges from your higher aspects, showing you what’s possible when you don’t dare to believe it (just yet). If the life from your vision wasn’t meant for you, the vision would’ve never found you. There’s a part of you that always knew that.

3. Challenges = Tools

Your challenges and doubts are your most powerful tools for transformation and creation. Don’t get discouraged when told that your sensitivity is a weakness. These challenges are your keys to remembering your deep truth and to realising that everything you thought you were lacking, has actually always been within you, waiting to be embraced.

4. Choose not to be a victim

Accepting to be a victim is a choice. No matter how overwhelming the situation, you can decide to pause, breathe and have an honest look at where you’ve been letting yourself down. Remember, your sensitivity is not a weakness, it’s a gift that attunes you to the energetic field of life itself. It gives you information that most are not able to access. Take your power back instead of waiting and hoping for outside circumstances to change.

5. Allow yourself yo be truly seen

When you truly allow yourself to be seen, your authentic frequency comes online. You literally light up and start emitting a signal for your soul family. That’s when your tribe can finally recognise and find you.

6. You can feel safe and at home in your body

You can find a sense of deep belonging and joy in truly allowing your sensitive spirit to inhabit your body. You are not your body, but your body is the sacred vessel through which you experience and create your life. You can find home in your body no matter how distant this idea might feel right now.

7. You are not meant to be a hermit

Solitude is part of the journey of truly meeting yourself. When you have no one to project on and nobody to impress, the space is open for you to explore what it means to simply be you. Practicing aligned action however comes through relating with others. We are not meant to be hermits, our highest creation comes from participating in life and engaging with people.

8. Presence changes everything

Presence is your key to your deepest power, your fullest creative potential and love as your truest state of being. Presence utterly transforms how you experience life and expands your capacity to participate in it – in a way that feels deeply aligned. It is your bridge to remembering that you are already whole (and have always been).

9. Harmonising over healing

You are not broken or messed up, you just temporarily forgot that it’s ok to be you – in your full brilliance. Embrace the expression of all of your aspects and the harmony of your wholeness will be found.

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