Personal Initiation

Ready to step through the portal to your next level?

Receive the keys to accelerate the unlocking of the full potential held in your dna.

Remember the unique journey mapped in your own divine blueprint.





I work through the sacred frequency of presence, key code activation and powerful embodiment practices.

After tuning into your highest timeline and your present moment state, I transmit your unique activation of dormant DNA.

Through unlocking your organic flow and receiving appropriate key codes, you naturally move into expansion, remembrance and reclaiming of your potential. During the session you feel what it means to be fully accepted as you are, which further accelerates your embodiment process.


Approximately 60 minutes, via Zoom call, recorded upon your request.

You connect deeper to your divine blueprint, the source of your most attuned inner knowing, unlocking clarity on your next steps.

The shift you desire is ignited from within, empowering you to take practical steps to manifest it.

Investment in yourself: € 144.00


What my beautiful soul clients say:

The first day I saw Maja talking in a video something within me rung. Just by watching her, by feeling her Presence I could felt something inside me really awakened. Some months and a bunch of synchronicities passed and I felt drawn to connect with her in a 1 to 1 Session. I knew I was about to give a Major quantum jump for a while ago – you know, those leaps that Literally change Everything.
And it was It. Maja opened a Safe, Sacred Space/Time for me to Receive what I was meant to Receive in that Now so I could continue my Healing Path and my Service of Love with Humanity and Gaya.Each day since our session it is a New Day Full of New Remembrances and Rescue of my True Power.
I Feel Maja as a Guardian of the Secrets and Gifts of the Soul. If you Feel it in your Heart, it is your Time to seek her Guidance as a Channel of Wisdom she embodies.
Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude 🙏

Jô de Perestrello, Energy Reader and Channel of Love and Light

Maja’s work is unbelievable. There are so many coaches, healers and mentors out there and I worked with dozens of them. Maja has the unique capability to really, really see you for who you truly are. And this is the greatest medicine for this world.
I have only experienced this with 1 or 2 other people in my life and working with Maja was really heart-opening and real. Maja translates into words what many of us can only feel. Her spectrum of feeling and understanding is vast. She is so devoted to her work and her mission and she shines from her deepest core, which makes you want to shine from deep within as well. Authenticity and truth are the words that come to my mind when thinking about Maja.
Maja is a person that you immediately trust, she creates a sacred space for you to unveil who you truly are and she gives you the tools to carry this message out into this world. Thank you, Maja, you are so unique and you always make me feel like being home.

Milena Dubs, Transformational Coach, Holistic Healer, Feminine Embodiment Educator

My session with you Maja was pure gold. I could feel that simply by being in your presence barriers were dissolving and I began to feel an incredible channel opening to my full self/radiance.
I went into a deep release and received a lot of information not only of what was releasing, which was a deeper understanding of the lifetimes of being shut down for working as a healer, but also of what was happening for me in my body, as codes were opened and keys turned, opening myself more to the deep knowledge held, and a greater comprehension of all the work I have been doing for the earth/the planet for all these years!
With the activations after the session I had very strong experiences for 3 nights with golden codes being given and being worked on and on collaboration with spirit, and an understanding, that I would be bringing through a book from the golden ones. I felt a lot of integration and remembrance and I came away from it all with a deeper sense of purpose, mission and love for myself and all that I have experienced and done! The dots have joined up!!! I am so grateful Maja thank you with all my heart for this extraordinary session! Thank you for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈⭐️⭐️⭐️

Freya Thalund-Fossen, Soul Activator

I felt called to have a session with Maja as I’m a fellow earth worker so I felt her energy, her integrity and gifts straight away and it was a must for me! I’m so happy I did as she unlocked new codes within me that allowed me to strengthen my gifts & abilities. Even though I’m an activator of others, I still listen to Maja’s meditations when I feel called to help shift. If your considering working with Maja, it’s for a great reason, so you should.

Blythe Langford, Coach, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Environmentalist & Activist

The presence of softness yet an enormous portal for energy awakens in me in Maja’s presence. The trust needed for my evolution is there because she embodies a pillar of light as I perceive it, that holds so much and transmutes into healing as I allow her wisdom and it’s light in.
I was initiated as I felt called into my greatest mission yet, and Maja was the perfect space holder and guidance for that. Thank you so much.

Lisa Suizu, New Earth Activator

Thank you for that AMAZING session yesterday. I have been continuing to have visions and deep realizations/ shifts in consciousness since our session. You work with such grace, effortlessness, and faith. Your sharing about the women of Lemuria and my role as a weaver has given context to so many experiences that I have had in my life; your words “clicked” and contextualised these experiences and my emotions surrounding them, into a much more profound, soul level awareness. In response, my whole body, mind, and spirit wholeheartedly said, “YES!… remember??!” Since our session, I have continued to experience more “A-ha!” moments, as I have been gently flooded with feelings of comfort, ease, and grounding in body, mind, Heart, and soul. What a gift 🎁🙏 Thank you Maja!

Carry, USA

I am so grateful to the depth of my being for the activation. It was such an honor to have Maja’s attention and being held by her unconditional Love for the time of the session. I felt so safe during the whole process and could surrender to what ever was going to happen. And things happened. It was like a stream of beaming light entering my system and I could really feel the activation happen in my main chakras. The activation helped me to unlock my ability to receive and express the Language of Light. Thank you, thank you, thank you Maja. Namaste….

Ida, Sweden

She supported me with her loving and open being. Both of us felt goosebumps. I’m so grateful for this session which awakened my remembrance and confirmed what I had been feeling. Working with Maja is highly recommended. She’s like an angelic being. Thank you!

Michaela, Italy

I liked the insights and encouragement that came, and the way Maja highlighted some deep shifts that were in process. For me it was around being ok with my armor coming off, femininity rising, and enjoying life/trusting the process. It deepened and gave clarification to insights I’d had glimpses of already. I experienced some deep shifts afterwards, as it gave me extra courage to ‘allow’ and trust. I had some hesitation as i’d never done anything like that before, but as I have a connection with Maja I thought i’d try, and am happy I did. I’d definitely recommended it to other women who need a boost/some extra guidance in their journey. Thank you! I’m super grateful.

Christina, Australia

I felt a warmth that needed no definition. I’m still tearing because the thought of her is so pure and true. She bypasses the middle (higher self and guides) going directly to SOURCE for her insights. I like that… getting to the point of my personal creation is key. What did fluff ever do for expansion anyway?
In my case what Maja expressed from source was the emphasis on surrendering and relaxing which is key for me… pure and simple, right to the point. Great things are coming my way as I expand these keys to a more enjoyable existence while here in this living suit. She is a LIGHT I now know, Forever Shinning, bringing us light from our creator.

Claudia, USA

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