Yes, I hold a high frequency AND I also get upset

I’ve been thinking about this lately: what am I as lightworker ‘supposed’ to do in these unprecedented times of radical change? Should I simply hold a loving frequency of peace and keep going on with my life? Should I speak about the things that upset me in the current state of the world? Is it even ok to be angry and upset if you’re anchoring the frequency of New Earth?

August 22, 2020

Well, here’s what I do – both. I deeply believe in feeling and acknowledging your feelings. I also deeply believe that I’m here as a BRIDGE between the old, stagnant and distorted and the new reality of unconditional love, peace and co-creation. I feel I’m embodied right now, so that I can emanate the latter and transmit by example.

I believe those of us who feel like that, are here to PARTICIPATE in the current human experience and not completely detach and remove ourselves from it. How are we to shift it otherwise?

What I mean is: it’s ok to be upset/ angry/ sad/ disappointed by what you see happening around you. It’s ok to speak about it. It’s ok to take action. It’s ok to research. It’s also ok to overreact. You are still a Lightworker if you do that. You are still anchoring love, peace and freedom. You are also human.

Of course, be mindful. Ask yourself: what do I FEEL is the right thing to (not) do right now? Am I holding on to anger/ disappointment etc. or am I TRANSMUTING it into something supportive?

Remember, you are not powerless. You are s unique expression of the unlimited and ever pervading universe. You are the master of your vibration. And together, we, the people, are the ones who actually decide our fate. If we only remember that WE DO have the power.


p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Not everyone is here yet and it’s perfectly ok, we each have a specific and unique role in this process.