You’re not failing at your Soul Mission with Emily Gallagher

In this conversation we address another common question among lightworker entrepreneurs: am I failing at my soul mission, if I take a part time or full time job to secure income for myself?

This is a conversation I had in Temple membership with Emily Gallagher. She has a multiple 6 figure business, has hosted sold out events in NZ, Australia, LA & London and been a guest speaker on many stages around the world. She has given a TedX talk, hosted retreats, generated over 1/2 million dollars in sales… BUT that’s not the reason why I wanted to have a conversation with her. I met Emily in the summer of 2019 as one of my coaches in a small business coaching program with Alexi Panos, that I took part of. She is extremely kind, open hearted, truly genuine, supportive and caring. And besides that she is really good at building a business out of what she is passionate about – in a way that is conscious and always always always includes co-creation.

The video below is a short snippet of a longer conversation recorded just before the outbreak of COVID. We talked about the importance of patience and enjoying the path of creating your business, the realisation that your work will shift s you move forward, business as an extension of who we are and what we care about (alignment!!), mindset: I’ll always be ok, because I’m creating value, the magic of uncertainty + the fear of making the ‘wrong’ decision and more!

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Find her on Instagram as @consciousboss, her podcast Answer the Call and through her website

I’d love to hear about any insights or experiences that unfold when watching the transmission.

Blessings & Love,

p.s.: As usually, take what resonates and leave the rest behind. We each have a specific and unique process and it’s ok.